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Packing Tips

01. Have a look through your wardrobe and decide what you are taking on holiday, you may want to make a list before doing this, this can help cut down on non-essentials. Now halve this amount!  At this stage it is important to select what you really need e.g. underwear (enough for 7 days) plus a spare pair in your hand luggage.

02. Now look at what you have left and select 2 luxury items. I bet you still won't wear everything in your case!

03. For Ladies, it may be handy to focus clothing around one colour and accessories that compliment it. This will make putting outfits together much easier.

04. You could also invest in tissue paper to help keep items such as shirts, dresses etc..largely crease-free.

05. Roll t-shirts rather than fold them, this will instantly reduce creasing.

06. Fill gaps in the case loosely rolled ties, belts, underwear and shoes.  Shoe bags would also come in handy as these will stop your shoes marking your clothes.

07. A fleece is a good item to pack as it is light, warm and double up as a pillow in an emergency or a delay.

08. A long skirt/trousers and an item to cover your shoulders should also be packed as in some countries, shorts and  suntops are unsuitable for women. Also when visiting religious places these items may be necessary.

09. Remember you will need room in your case for souvenirs, duty free etc. So if your case is too full start the process again.

10. Travel size containers for toiletries are a good idea as they weigh less. Also packing a tube of travel wash is also useful.

11. Pack a small first aid kit, headache tablets, antiseptic cream etc this will always come in handy

12. Make sure your case is easily recognisable! There may be a few similar cases on the carousel.  It is also a good idea to have your details inside your case and have it clearly labelled on the outside too.


Arrive Refreshed


01. Drink lots of water, this will keep you hydrated which will help you get over any jet lag faster, try to cut out coffee and alcohol and salty snacks such as peanuts and crisps as these will dehydrate you.

02. Take your shoes off on the flight and let your feet breath and keep the blood circulating. Consider wearing flight socks to help circulation.

03. Set your watch to your destination's time. If it happens to be night time at your destination, then try to sleep and try to stay awake when it is your destination's daylight hours. When you arrive, go out and try to see the next sunset or dawn, these help you adjust to your new time zone.

04. Try for a seat as near to the front of the plane as possible, the air is 'fresher' here.

05. Take off all make up and have a small bottle of water spray and mist on your face followed by a good moisturiser or moisture face mask to lock in moisture and fight the effects of the dehydrating air. Then before landing all you need to do is freshen up and apply light make up.

06. Take a good lip balm to stop your lips from drying out.

07. Some airlines such as Virgin offer massage and beauty treatments onboard, why not make use of these services and look your best when you land.

08. Make sure you exercise while on the flight, that means stretching your legs, back and neck. Make use of any stopovers by walking around the airport and take stairs instead of a lift to keep you circulation going.

09. Make use of arrival lounge facilities, some airlines' lounges have shower facilities and even Spas such as the British Airways Travel Spa at Heathrow and JFK.

10. If you can sleep on the flight, this is the best way to pass the time. Bring earplugs, eye mask and comfy socks, some airlines may provide these.

11. Long flights can get cold, bring an extra layer of clothing such as a jumper, cardigan or pashmina.


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